Empowering Your Decisions

Did you know that clinical trials are not available to over 50% of people with cancer at their current treatment location? Our Trial Finder displays clinical trials near you or in any U.S.-based location matching your needs.

Our goal is to be open and inclusive for everyone by providing support for you to make informed decisions, including:

  • Sharing the emotional and physical experiences of others.
  • Allowing you to set and change your location to find clinical trials available to you.
  • Providing clinical trial contact information so that you can reach out directly.
  • Listing the answers to commonly asked questions about cancer clinical trials.
  • Giving you questions to ask your doctor to better understand your options.
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Our Connection

CancerCare and blend.works teamed up to make finding a clinical trial easier for people with cancer. With blend.works’s Trial Finder and CancerCare’s commitment to connecting people with cancer to needed resources like financial assistance and counseling, we make a powerful team that provides you with the tools necessary to navigate the challenges of cancer.

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